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Rick Basaldua, Anna Fisher
Why I chose to make this costume:

This is a brand new Psylocke costume! I cosplayed Psylocke back in '06 but wanted to make a new version, more grounded in reality. I was inspired by the Psylocke design in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, but made my own design lines and just kind of created the costume as I went along with what felt and looked right.

How I made this costume:

I drafted my own patterns for the bodysuit, arms/legs, boot covers etc, and sewed everything in a day utilizing two contrasting fabrics, heavy duty spandex & stretch pleather. Each seam is bound and finished, and I made buckled straps to go on the arms and legs. I also made matching wedge heel boot covers. The only piece I re-used from the old Psylocke costume is the sash.

My wig is sponsored by EpicCosplay!! It is incredibly thick, heat resistant, smooth and soft. I wanted some cool Psyblades so I contacted Volpin Props! I sketched out what I had in mind and showed him reference images, and he designed and cut out a pair of really badass Psyblades from plexi.

Thoughts on this costume:

This is a comfortable and robust costume which I like to re-wear! I love Psylocke so its always fun to portray her!

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