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Why I chose to make this costume:

I'll admit, the reason I chose this costume is because I had a great wig for it laying around. Originally used for my Sea Nymph mermaid costume, this green/teal gradient wig was a good choice for Polaris. I definitely appreciate her character's heritage, her numerous struggles and relationship with Havok, and how the color green looks against my skin tone. Not sure why I'm drawn to cosplay all of Magneto's daughters lol (Wanda, Lorna...), I guess I secretly wished he was my daddy? Haha

Last push to make the costume was my guest appearance at Albuquerque Comic Expo, for which I wanted to debut a new cosplay.

How I made this costume:

As usual, I made 100% of this costume. Polaris was a very simple project and I started it on the Tuesday afternoon before ACE, and finished it up around 5am on Thursday morning. Basically, 2 days. It would have only taken 1 day if I hadn't decided to make the bodysuit structured, lined and insert all those seams and lines. The materials were 4-way stretch metallic spandex, Wonderflex for the headpiece, gauntlets & anklets, and crepe-back satin for the cape. I kind of took my favorite elements of various Polaris outfits and put them together.

Thoughts on this costume:

Sadly, simple costumes don't give me as much joy to make or wear, because apparently I like to torture myself with complicated outfits. Polaris was fun to cosplay, but this won't become one of my regular favorites. It's just too simple.

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