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Pokemon Go


Brian Boling, Kamui Cosplay, Katrix Media
Why I chose to make this costume:

I've been obsessed with Pokémon Go since the day it was released. I'm level 25, about to hit 26, my strongest Gym Taker is a Snorlax named Hodor (I name all my Mains after Game of Thrones characters) and I chose Team Valor. But mainly because I like the color red more than blue or yellow... I love hatching eggs, and my focus has been more on evolving lately, so no hatin' on Valor or any of the other teams! Harmony all the way!... Wait, I'm supposed to talk about this costume. Poké-session aside, I needed a comfy shoes cosplay for Italy, as well as a modest cosplay for Abu Dhabi, in July. Both events were scheduled on the same trip, and my Pokémon Go trainer avatar design fulfilled both criteria!

How I made this costume:

I used 3 fabrics from my line, available at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, on this costume: Jumbo Spandex in black, Carbon Fiber fabric (front panels, jumper trim, and belt) and Ultrapreme in purple. I couldn't be happier with the athletic look of the costume, and it was so convenient to have these materials right at my fingertips.

I used the M7397 Accessories pattern, which I designed for McCall Pattern Company, for the gloves. So convenient and quick.

This whole costume was sewn together by my new Bernina USA 580! This Beast sews through 8 layers of fabrics, including rubber coated spandex, and I don't even need a walking foot!

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm happy to report that I've hunted Pokémon, while dressed as a trainer, in the States, Italy, Sweden, and the UAE so far! Seriously, this costume is SO comfy, and fun to wear, I never want to take it off again!

Since making this costume, I designed a sewing pattern inspired by the game, so others can join the fun and dress up as their trainer avatars as well! It is McCall Pattern M7556, and you can buy it and the Male Trainer Pattern directly from my store. using the links below!

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