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Why I chose to make this costume:

I have always loved designing original costumes. In the case of the jellyfish dress, it's been in the back of my head for several years, maybe as long as a decade, ever since I visited an extensive jellyfish exhibit. I was absolutely fascinated by the delicacy and movement of these creatures, and wondered what the electroluminescent organic element would be like translated into a garment. Then, years later, I watched Princess Jellyfish and felt amazed that a mangaka had the same fascination with jellyfish and created such a wonderful story from it. This costume became the fulfillment of a personal creative idea, as well as an ode of love to Kuragehime.

How I made this costume:

After a lot of research and sketching out the design, I constructed a bodice that is lined and steel boned. I also made a short hoop skirt and created multiple layers of ruffled skirts over it. The outer layer of the jellyfish skirt is sparkle organza which has piping for reinforcement and to add to the jellyfish look. The same piping is sewn into each ruffled tendril. I wanted an asymmetrical look with the skirt and dramatic collar.

Then came the task to cut out many, many yards of differently colored organza into various shapes, which I did with a soldering iron. I burnt all of the organza with a candle, creating the organic underwater fauna look. Be sure to ventilate well when you're burning materials!

I used fabric glue to attach all the organza pieces to the collar, bodice and skirt, then glued plastic ornaments so they looked like bubbles. The last step was to weave wired LEDs throughout the costume and create that electroluminescent look. 

The embellishing process for this costume was definitely the longest, lol.

Thoughts on this costume:

It was so nice to finally realize a costume that was swirling in my head for so long. It all came together pretty well and the setting of the aquarium was so perfect for photos. I felt very dainty and floaty!

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