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Blade 2


Why I chose to make this costume:

Brian of Bounty Hardware and I both loved the design of the Vampire Ninjas in the second Blade movie and thought it would be great to recreate the costumes. I personally had never done a masked costume before.

How I made this costume:

One of the hardest parts this project was researching the design. Armed with only low-quality screen shots and the DVD, we chose high quality materials to complete this project: Original Samurai 3000 Tanto swords, European Boblebee Scorpia Backpacks which we modified, real diving suits and shoes, and an array of military/hunting use pockets. In the remaining two weeks before Dragoncon, I created the strapping systems, armor pads, masks and neckpieces while Brian molded and cast the light up vampire goggles.

Thoughts on this costume:

I learned much from this project and had a great time wearing the costume as well (albeit having issues seeing out of the goggles.) We were very well received at the con and managed to scare (and delight) not only children but a number of drunk attendees as well, lol. Another notion worth mentioning is that we found the perfect Blade costumer to pose with! Talk about fun!

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