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Brian Boling and Fira
Why I chose to make this costume:

I devoured the Death Note manga as soon as I was introduced to it. The artwork, the story, the characters.. it was incredible. I soon developed a fondness for Misa Amane's sole devotion and loyalty to Raito, as well as her contrast sweet Lolita girl/Kira persona.

When I decided to cosplay Misa, I was overwhelmed with her many adorable outfit choices. In the end I chose to design an outfit for her, and this is the result.

How I made this costume:

I envision Misa wearing this ensemble to a photoshoot or a special event. The costume is based on elements of Misa's style of dress from the manga. I chose all black because it would be a stark contrast against her blond hair. There is a flash of purple from the petticoat, mainly because I haven't found a black one that is short and full. But it looks pretty cute actually.

Anyway, I found this amazingly soft and heavy wool blend and created the cropped jacket, corset and circle skirt. The jacket was sewn with leather strips, lace overlay, and black fluffy fleece trim on the sleeves, and a generous fat fleece trim along the hem.

I made the corset with lace overlay on the front panels, three strips of leather as decor on either side, and lace trimmings on the top and bottom hems. It is fully lined and heavily boned, with eyelets down the front for closure.

The skirt has a lace overlay fleur-de-lys design appliquéd on the front panel and two rows of matching eyelets connecting it to the side panels.

I already owned the fur boots, I bought the Death Note online, and gathered some cute Misa-ish jewelry and wore fishnet hose and arm warmers.

The wig had to be heavily cut and trimmed, and I also styled it like Misa's hair!

Thoughts on this costume:

I only put it on for a couple of hours but it was so comfortable and I liked wearing this a lot! I can't wait to do a group with friends at a future con!

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