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Nene Thomas artwork


Maboroshi and Kyle Johnson
Why I chose to make this costume:

Since I befriended fantasy artist Nene Thomas a few years ago, we've always talked about constructing costumes based on her elaborate designs. This year I finally got around to devoting a great deal of time to recreate one of Nene's painted beauties.

How I made this costume:

I chose a lavish black sparkly fabric for the steel boned corset, which has a lace inset in the front trimmed in powder blue. The overskirt was made of multiple layers of sheers and some sparkly fabric, hand tattered and ripped. I luckily found a bridal fabric with the same floral design as the painting for the creme underskirt. The bows, bonnet and lace choker were fun accessories to make. I once again combined two wigs to achieve the full hair for the character.


As for the feather wings, I used the same method as my smaller pairs made with individually shaped turkey feathers. The shape of the wings differs deliberately from the painting, they are tucked in so I could maneuver through the crowded halls at Dragoncon (it was still a pain.) I also wanted them to look somewhat realistic, yet manga-ish with the long hanging feathers. Because my shoulders are uncovered in this outfit, I had to rig the wings to the corset and use clear bra-straps to support them at the top.

Thoughts on this costume:

Yay Nene art! Even though this costume is as much of a pain to wear and transport as Yuna, I am REALLY excited I got to make it. The motivation was definitely: Must do Nene's work justice! And since she seems happy about this one, the thought turns to: Must make more Nene costumes!

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