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MoDaoZuShi Group Cosplay
Why I chose to make this costume:

This is a wonderful group cosplay I got to be a part of at Anime St. Louis in April 2022! 

I’m so amazed we maganed to gather 6 people for a photoshoot at a nearby park! Everyone is a fan of Mo Dao Zu Shi, or Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, and put together their own costumes. 


Jin Ling - @yuomii
Wei Wuxian - @mmmmmiya
Lan Wangji (the luckiest husband in the realm) - @yayahan
Lan Sizhui - @nerdshark_
Yiling Laozu - @malinda_chan
Mo xianyu / Wei Wuxian - @ayayuna

How I made this costume:

Check out how I made my Lan Wangji costume

Thoughts on this costume:

Everyone truly looked so fantastic in their costumes and it was so much fun to stage pairing photos, family portraits and all these ridiculous memes! We also had an amazing crew of photographers and assistants and I'm so grateful for the chance to partake in this shoot. 

You can read the novel these characters are based on in English!

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