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Apothecary Diaries


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

I discovered the Apothecary Diaries through the anime and watched it with increasing obsession! It wasn't long before I also read all of the available manga chapters as well! I knew early on that I wanted to cosplay from it, starting with protagonist Maomao’s garden party dress!

How I made this costume:

As a budding hanfu enthusiast, I really wanted to use fabrics with authentic patterns and flow for Maomao. So my first task was hunting down hanfu fabric from China, as well as collecting all other materials such as shoes, base wig etc. Once al my orders arrived (I made Frieren while waiting lol), it was time to sew a beautiful hanfu!

I based the pink robe off of a hanfu I own, which has no shoulder seams. It’s nice but used way too much fabric so I won’t be doing that again haha. Naturally, some fabrics from my @cosplayfabrics line also made it into this ensemble!

The construction of the costume went really smoothly thanks to my experience in sewing hanfu and my trusty @bernetteschweiz b79 Yaya Han Edition sewing machine! It handled even the delicate green and blue silk chiffon like a dream!

The garden party outfit consists of:

White gathered underskirt

Burgundy overskirt (with hidden pockets!)

White strapless undershirt

Dusty pink open front hanfu top with billowing sleeves and faux green layer

Boned wide belt with hand tacked green bow sash

Blue silk chiffon court lady sash that snaps onto the sleeves so it doesn't fall down constantly

I really like the outfit because it is breezy and comfortable!

What I really struggled over was the wig, which started off as a @dokidokicosplay_official apothecary Maomao wig that had to be completely restyled and cut for the garden party look. I tried multiple techniques and ended up doing braiding and a half updo so the wig could go in a soft wig bag for plane trips.

First dark green wig and I’m surprised at how well it goes with my complexion!

I used hair accessories from my hanfu collection and an altered necklace for Chinese hanfu to complete the look. I prepared an arm bandage for my left arm and used the hankerchief Malinda made for our 2ha cosplays as a prop!

Thoughts on this costume:

My beautiful Jinshi-sama is @malinda_chan, who loves the series as much as I do and busted out a costume in record time! I’m very happy and grateful that we got to wear JinMao together twice this Spring!

I'm excited to travel to different countries this year cosplaying Maomao and bringing a little bit of my heritage with me!

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