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Lucy in Night City

Edgerunners Tokyo Photoshoot


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

As an @edgerunners fan, it was a huge dream come true to bring Lucy to Japan and do a street photoshoot with her! Tokyo is a perfect setting for Cyberpunk Edgerunners and I am really happy we conveyed the vibe of Night City without any CGI elements. These were real settings with only some color grading added, y’all!

Huge thank you to @brian_b_boling for photographing these, and @_kcoz for assisting!

How I made this costume:

Visit my other Lucy cosplay gallery for a write-up on how I made her costume, or read through my build blog with tons of progress pics!

Regarding the photoshoot - I have always wanted to do a street photoshoot in Tokyo and felt that Lucy was a suitable outfit to try it with. 

We started in Shibuya and made sure to take advantage of the various pedestrian crossings to get that elavated city scape look. Then we headed to Shinjuku nearby, where we found an old alley which has been around since the 1950's and other more intimate people-less locations. 

Japan is stricter with cosplay in public and I only ever tried wearing a costume in public there on Halloween. In this case, Lucy’s design looks enough like club-fashion that we decided to give it a shot. We were very respectful the entire time and prepared to pack it up at any point. We kept moving, I wore an overcoat between locations, and we finished in good time. My Lucy is constructed with dance tights specifically to minimize actual skin showing so I could feel more comfortable (and warm) walking around in public in November weather.

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm so grateful for this rare chance to fall in love with a series, make a costume from it, then do my dream photoshoot all within 2 months of each other! Lucy is one of my favorite costumes I have ever made!

And to emphasize, I do not generally recommend cosplaying in public in Japan, they have cosplay studios and ticketed cosplay events tailored for all your cosplay needs. I have done all of those and plan to continue using those resources in the future. This was a well-researched and planned out shoot with a tame fashion-esque outfit. Do not disrupt or disrespect the locals by going full out in cosplay and absolutely do not brandish any prop weapons in public. You will get arrested.

Be safe and be respectful wherever you cosplay in the world!

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