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Dangan Ronpa


Iconiq Photography
Why I chose to make this costume:

I realized that I needed more comfy, easy to pack costumes for this summer's conventions, so I whipped this together fairly quickly! The character is often cosplayed, and I can see why. The outfit is designed to be flattering and has fairly simple components to it, and Junko is such a weird character that you can't help but be fascinated by her.

How I made this costume:

Wig - base wig and clip on extensions by Arda Wigs! I sewed 2 extensions together per side for the extra full pigtails, cut them quite a bit and fluffed them out. I also trimmed the bangs a tad.

Monokuma hair accessories - I sculpted them out of polymer clay, baked them and painted them! 

Blazer/shirt - For once I didn't make a big costume component from scratch! I had a black blazer and white shirt and cut them up pretty extensively, altered the cut, added button holes & buttons and did appliqués of the patches. 

Tie - I ordered a skinny white tie online, and combined it with a black tie I had laying around (no clue why lol) for the length and design.

Skirt - I ordered plaid fabric from and made the pleated skirt! You can find lots of easy-to-follow pleated skirt tutorials online! 

Thoughts on this costume:

It's definitely less stressful to put a costume together that you don't have to create from scratch, but it's often a hit or miss whether you can find the base items. I usually end up making everything because it's faster/cheaper/easier than hunting all over for the right items, but for once it was nice to just whip something out, especially since this character is so balls out crazy but cute! XD

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