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Austin Powers


Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

Sexy Asian schoolgirl in British-themed costume and part of the Austin Powers Legacy? What more can you ask for (except for a twin?)

How I made this costume:

I had sooo much fun with this one! Making the tie and skirt was interesting since I had no patterns to go with, but the most time-consuming (and expensive) part of this costume was gathering all of the accessories, finding a right sweater to alter (since knit blue fabric is impossible to find) and creating the wig. I spent a few weeks scouting shops and malls for British-themed accessories and silly jewelry and decided on a Hello Kitty theme as well to go with the trendy schoolgirl. The wig was sewn and cut according to ref. pictures, and I used human hair extensions that were dyed blue/red.

I really had no time to make the backpack this con so I bought a cute Hello Kitty bag and embellished the hell out of it. Since then I've grown so attached to my own bag that I never felt the need to make the Austin bag from the movie.

Thoughts on this costume:

I had an absolute blast wearing this attention grabbing costume and being recognized as the character. Since then, I've worn this outfit a few times and it's nice to be able to get multiple uses out of it. I am most likely going to either retire it now or re-make it, after the photoshoot in the middle of London. I don't know how I could top this shoot! I froze my bum off for it but have absolutely no regrets! Thank you, Brian, for being the photographer; and Emily, for assisting!

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