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Why I chose to make this costume:

While I had seen a great deal of Felicia costumes in the past, I never thought I'd make it myself lol. The character is super cute and kicks ass in the game, but the design around the chest area is just scary. In the end, the challenge to tackle this design was irresistable!

How I made this costume:

I altered the strategically placed fur bits in the design to bra and panties for more coverage and modesty. After doing so, I like the result more than the strips of random fur XD. Quite a bit of hand sewing was required for the fuzzy parts, especially around the fingers and feet.

I planned on making the wig by combining a couple of blue ones together, but miraculously found a beautiful two-toned teal/blue wig that came mostly as pictured, so I styled the front and gave it a bit more poof before putting it on. I have since found some great extensions and added them to the wig to make it waist length.

The paw gloves and feet, like everything else, were created from my own pattern, built over a pair of clear boots. The clear heel gave the illusion that I was standing on the balls of my feet like a real cat! It was the fundamental element I based this entire costume around.

I sculpted three sizes of claws and Brian from cast them in plastic. They have holes drilled into them so I simply sewed them onto the gloves.

Thoughts on this costume:

I was so relieved when the costume was well-received at the con. Felicia is a hard character to nail, and I hope that in the end I did her justice, even with some deliberate changes made.

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