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Cowboy Bebop


Anna Fisher, Paul Tien, Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

I have wanted to cosplay Faye for a long time but waited until I could do it right and be in the right shape for it. Ended up, I did rush sewing this costume for my Japan trip, because a friend pointed out that Tokyo would be perfect for Faye photos, and it is a simple and small costume to transport.

How I made this costume:

With Megacon stress and Japan planning, I knocked this out in a day. I made the yellow vinyl top and shorts with my own patterns, fitting them on myself as I went along. The suspenders are attached to the shorts already, and I luckily had natural white boots from ages ago. I only had to order the vinyl, wig and flesh-toned thigh highs. 

I did have a *fun* time styling and cutting the wig in the hotel bathroom the morning of the event, where I rigged a wig head out of a towel-wrapped ice bucket. LOL. The original wig I got for Faye completely sucked and did not work, so I actually bought a wig in Tokyo (Thank goodness for cosplay shops) and cut it there. Because I had the extra blah wig, I sewed both together for extra volume so I had super big hair XD. The hairline was made using the same technique as my Carmilla hairline. I was scared it wouldn't dry in time so I got up at 6am to make it and hit it for a long while with the hairdryer too.

Thoughts on this costume:

It was exciting to cosplay in Tokyo! I wore Faye to a cosplay event at the Toshimaen Amusement Park and really enjoyed the experience of seeing other cosplayers and dressing up myself. The lovely Julia with me in the photo is Omi Gibson, my favorite Japanese cosplayer. I have followed her work for many years and was lucky enough to meet with her. We were supposed to meet earlier in the week, but the fates were against it. I am sooo happy that we managed to get together before I left. She also completely surprised me by showing up in a Julia costume! She had asked what I was bringing but I did not know it was to coordinate with me!

It was raining for a few days that week and we got really lucky with the weather. While it was brisk and windy, the sun was out and the lighting was beautiful!

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