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Brian Boling, LJinto, Judy Stephens, Nicole Ciaramella
Why I chose to make this costume:

I bought a 10 gross count (1440) of Swarovski crystals for another costume but never used it! I thought it would be awesome to make crystal prosthetics for Emma and that inspired me to make the whole costume!

How I made this costume:

Crystals: I started off by drawing on my plaster headcast to figure out how many pieces I needed and what they should be shaped like. I wanted the diamond transformation to stretch down my neck and shoulder. Then I sprayed a mold release on the cast and painted thin latex on in multiple layers. After letting that dry, I individually glued over 1000 Swarovski crystals onto the pieces with E-6000. The bond was great, and made the prosthetic pieces stronger. The headcast ensured that each piece was formed perfectly to my face shape, neckline, shoulder line and clavicle. The prosthetics were glued onto me via ProsAide and held on amazingly for 12 hours, even with me smiling, talking, eating and fidgeting. I specifically chose to make latex pieces instead of gluing stones over a mesh so that I could re-use the pieces over and over again and have full range of motion each time I wore this costume. I also don't have time at cons to glue 1000+ crystals to myself each time, but I do have time to glue a few pieces on, then scatter more crystals around them for a blended look.


Corset - PVC and faux leather, coutil lining & steel boning, faux lace up front, made by me.
Pants - PVC and faux leather with spandex inseam, made by me.
Cape - Chiffon with coque (yes I said that) and ostrich feathers, made by me.
Gloves - PVC and spandex, made by me.
Collar - Faux leather and repurposed necklace pieces, made by me.
Diamonds - 3 latex prosthetic pieces with Swarovski crystals, made by me.
Wig - Heavily cut and styled Matilda lace front from
Boots - Altered boots I have had for years!


Emma Frost's diamond transformation form cosplay in progress

Thoughts on this costume:

I feel super glamurous in this costume! But it does require an hour and half to get ready, even with the crystal prosthetics. So I plan to wear this costume at cons where I have time in the mornings to get ready lol!

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