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Tekken Revolution


Brian Boling, TomiTotoro Productions
Why I chose to make this costume:

The design was just too cute to pass up! I have a weakness for red/black costumes, and fighting game characters with a dark side to them. Eliza was a perfect project for my busy 2016 travel schedule!

How I made this costume:

Even though this is a fairly simple costume, compared to many of my others, I took my time creating it.

Bodice: I chose a soft red pleather for the bodice and heavily altered a dress pattern to create the shape. The easiest way for me to pattern form-fitting, structured garments, is to make a mock-up with the lining fabric, in this case a red satin. I basted the seams together, fitted it on my mannequin and myself, and drew the proper hem lines on. After I was happy with the fit, I took apart the lining and used it as the pattern for the outer layer. I also installed boning channels into the lining for extra structure. A lot of hand sewing was involved to finish this piece.

Skirt and sleeves: My fabrics for these pieces were medium weight black satin and a ruched, textured taffeta. I spent a whole night cutting strips, folding them, running them through my serger, and ruffling them. The skirt is mainly the taffeta, while the sleeves are a mix of the satin and taffeta. I sewed lace trim between the ruffled layers, and onto the sleeves.

Rose vines: These were a crafting project involving fabric roses, floral wire, floral tape, and glue. I love being able to slip them on over my stockings!

Wig: Thank you to Epic Cosplay Wigs for supplying the base wig! It was the Aura, a shoulder length wig with long bangs, and I cut it up quite a bit and sewed in the long red extensions.

Horns: These were a fun project on their own! I started with bubble wrap and aluminum foil, shaping two lightweight horn shapes. They were then covered with Worbla's Black Art. I cut out many strips of Worbla and wrapped them around the horns to create the ridged texture. For attachment, I inserted a wire loop into each horn base, which allowed me to attach them to a headband. Some felt wrapped around for cushioning, and an extra elastic strap that I can tie around the nape of my neck, and the horns were able to sit on my head at that weird forward angle. I cut holes into the wig to slide the horns through.

Tattoo: Thank you to Ashley Riot for designing Eliza's tattoo for me!! I printed it out on temporary tattoo paper and it absolutely held like cement through a long sweaty day! 

Thoughts on this costume:

The advantage of taking time for even simple projects is that the pieces are durable and require little to no care afterward. This little costume is adorable and I have a lot of fun doing the makeup each time! Can't wait to take more photos and wear it to more cons! 

Watch a Making Of video for this costume!

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