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Elektra The Comic


Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

I was asked to join the a big Marvel Zombies group at Dragoncon 2007, so I hastily made an Elektra costume! You'll see the zombie pictures at the bottom of this page. For the regular Elektra (before my bodysuit was all ripped up and I was zombiefied), I used Greg Horn's gorgeous art as reference for my costume.

How I made this costume:

This is another easy quick spandex comic book costume. Nothing much to report except that making the head band thing without any seams required some creative patterning. I love how flowy the ribbons are in Greg Horn's beautiful artwork and kinda went overboard a little with the draping ribbons on my arms and everywhere else lol. In some of the outdoor photos in Mexico with the wind blowing, they really give this simple costume character.

My boot covers are chunky heeled instead of flat because I was actually able to keep things like my cellphone inside them! There was nowhere else on the costume to hold necessities and I would rather be inaccurate on my feet than say have an extra pouch at my waist.

My sai are just a standard steel pair I got online!

For San Diego Comic Con, I cut up my already ripped bodysuit to make the tummy bearing version of Elektra as seen in Greg Horn's amazing artwork.

Thoughts on this costume:

It was nice to be able to use my own hair and be comfortable all day in something this airy and fitted. Our Marvel Zombies group was a huge success, thanks to the Wolfe Brothers who organized it and did the Special Effects makeup on everybody. They used a mixture of airbrush and their own Brand, Wolfe Hydrocolor, as well as prosthetics. I hope they do this again next year because it was so much fun!

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