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The Sandman


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

I cosplayed Death as part of a promotion for Audible and the audio adaption of The Sandman series! They asked me to do something creative and what else could I do but to cosplay Death?? 

She is one of the most enigmatic characters in The Sandman afterall, and I had the idea for this photoshoot almost immediately. 

How I made this costume:

Death has many outfits and iterations and I decided on a goth cute look for the photoshoot. 

One of the perk having cosplayed for many years is that I just have a lot of costume components stashed in my home lol. Even unique items like the corset, top hat and parasol. I was able to put the costume together with mostly items I already owned and focused more on the styling of the character and the makeup.

Thoughts on this costume:

Because of the August heat in Atlanta, we did the photoshoot early in the morning at Oakland cemetery, which I last visited as a part of my Vayne video shoot. Since this costume was created for a promo campaign, I had specific shots in mind and wanted to capture a dreamy playful mood for this character, so we spent two solid hours shooting until it simply got way too hot. 

I really love the photos we got and the experience of cosplaying Death!

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