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Demon Slayer


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

Ever since I read the Demon Slayer manga a few years ago, I’ve loved Daki and the Entertainment District Arc. I waited for the anime adaption to see how she could look in color before I made the costume, which dropped last year and blew me away! By mid 2022, Daki was done but I didn't do a proper photoshoot until now.  So happy to finally share this gallery with all of you!

How I made this costume:

For a full breakdown on how I made Daki's costume, read my blog post! I'll just say that it tickled me to no end to use all fabrics from my own cosplay fabric collection to create this fabric demon character. My life is so wrapped up in using and designing fabrics that if Muzan turned me into a demon, I would so obviously become a fabric-wielding oni lol.

While I sewed the costume myself, this character came to life with the help of the following folks:

Sayakat Cosplay who styled and colored an incredible Daki wig 

Plexi Cosplay who made the hair accessories out of resin and painted them

Kinpatsu Cosplay who designed the face tattoos

Onyx Nails Design who made the gorgeous claw nails

My contact lenses are from Uniqso, they have a whole Demon Slayer collection!

Thoughts on this costume:

Even though Daki's costume was finished, it took a long time to realize the photoshoot because I had grand ideas of creating a demon lair set, complete with strung up fabric tendrils. For months, either I was traveling a lot or we needed the set space for other photoshoots, or we were in mega convention prep mode with products strewn about the warehouse. 

I FINALLY had some downtime in January to sew fabric tendrils and built the set, which took multiple days of ladder climbing and heavy fabrid hauling. I'm so glad Brian and I were able to rig the fabric belts on a separate stand so I could simply pose in front of it!

Fun fact: Aside from 3 vintage obis, all fabrics used in the costume AND the set decor are from my collection! 

Last but not least, thank you Brian Boling for helping me build the set and for taking these gorgeous photos!!

I hope you enjoy these photos and will keep watching/reading Demon Slayer! I adore this series so much and am certain I will cosplay from it again!

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