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Oh! My Goddess


Pixelette, Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

I had a long weekend over Christmas with not much to do so I decided to pull together a couple of new costumes with fabric that I had laying around at home. Whilst gathering materials from my several fabric bins, I realized just how much unused treasure I still have!

In the Holiday spirit, I wanted to make a Christmas themed costume—many anime girls have little Christmas outfits and I already had the wig for Urd (I've been planning another costume of hers for a while). The design is based on an outfit Urd wears in one of the episodes, but I changed it a little bit to fit my taste in fashion and shape. For example, the neck bow in the design is green and ack I really dislike the green/red color combo, so I changed it to red. And I made flare sleeves instead of gloves because I often have to handle money and sign things at cons, so gloves would have been annoying.

How I made this costume:

100% of the materials were found at home—the red velour is left over from my Scarlet Witch cape (I loved being able to use up all the scrap!) and the white fur was acquired at a clearance sale ages ago. I even had the boots already from another sale. Costume constructed in a day over Christmas weekend (after much lint rolling the excess fur off the velour.) I made a self-lined corset, top stitched and reinforced, with boning and eyelets for lace up, drafted a pattern for a three panel skirt and flare sleevelets. I also made a matching Santa hat and hand stitched the fur trim onto all the hems.

Thoughts on this costume:

I did a quick shoot in this costume at Ikkicon over New Year's weekend in Austin, TX. I thought it was still season appropriate and the hotel still had holiday decor out!

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