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Dead Or Alive 4


Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

I amuse myself every once in a while with a completely scary costume to tackle lol. I love the Dead or Alive games, the girls, and the cheeky fan service factor. Almost every character has a super skimpy or bondage outfit, and Christie is no exception. I never thought of cosplaying her actually, but after doing a bikini photoshoot in a white wig, an overwhelming number of friends and fans told me how much I reminded them of Christie and suggested her as a cosplay to me. Around that same time I was looking for thigh high boots for a different costume, and happened to find the perfect lace up boots with clear heels for this Christie costume! That really sealed the deal and I decided to do this version for Dragoncon which is the only appropriate event for an outfit like this..

How I made this costume:

I am really proud of how this costume turned out, given the circumstances. I was in the middle of moving, so most of this was sewn on the floor of my place as everything including tables and chairs was moved out already. I also boxed up all of my notions and sewing supplies so everything for this costume had to be purchased under time restraints, and then it was just me and my sewing machine + teflon foot. I got a great 4-way stretch vinyl and made all the straps and the bodysuit with my own patterns. I covered a random teal bra I found at Marshall's with the same vinyl and used three different sized sets of buckles and two sizes of studs to embellish the outfit. The gloves are my favorite—I patterned them out with the criss-cross straps, sewed everything together and added the D-rings also. Lastly I made the stretch vinyl garter straps, and attached fishnet fabric by hand sewing it to the according areas of the bodysuit. The fishnet stockings, studded wrist cuffs and earrings were purchased.

Thoughts on this costume:

I only wore this for the duration of a photoshoot at Dragoncon, and felt very nekkid in it the whole time lol. I love how the photos turned out though, and would definitely put this on again for a DOA group. Thank you to Kukki-san for being Ayane with me. I get such a kick out of our fighting pics!

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