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Arkham City


Shiro Ang, Bryan Humphrey
Why I chose to make this costume:

I've always loved Selina Kyle and Catwoman, and after cosplaying the comic book version, I wanted to do another Catwoman costume. I was overjoyed when she was announced for the 2nd Batman game—Arkham City, and sold on the costume design from the first time I saw a teaser. I waited until I played the game to make the costume to gather reference, and she didn't disappoint in the game play either. Perfect costume choice!

How I made this costume:

This costume was made in 50 hours, but only takes 5 minutes to put on lol. To match the hexagon fabric in the video game, I had the pattern designed by my friend Jinyo and printed up at Fabric On Demand. The secondary fabric is a rubber coated spandex.

Cathy of GstQFashions saved me hours of work by graciously letting me base my bodysuit off of the pattern she had made already for this same costume for a customer. I had to redesign most pieces of the pattern to fit my body shape and height, but it was nice to not have to make a full mock-up from scratch, and with my tight work schedule, I appreciated every second of time saved. 

I sewed the costume entirely myself, as usual, making sure to triple-stitch the seams (100+ of them) and also top stitch all of them. I have to say, this was like putting together a complex puzzle and I had dreams about sewing corners and top-stitching at night. Certain pieces like the collar and zipper were also a pain to install; I had to seam-rip and re-do them 3 times. I also made the matching accessories such as gloves/hood/ears/sculpted metal bits/altered boots etc. 

I re-used the goggles from my other Catwoman costume because I dislike the design of the Arkham City goggles, and I already made perfectly usable Catwoman goggles before. :)

Thoughts on this costume:

This is one of my most comfortable costumes!! I really love wearing it, and it's easy to transport too. I couldn't be happier with it.

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