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Violet Evergarden


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

Violet Evergarden is one of the most beautiful anime I've ever seen! I was captivated by it and knew I had to cosplay from it. Cattleya was the character I related to the most - I defiitely have a thing for vivacious big sister characters - so it was an easy decision to make her costume!

How I made this costume:

I kinda blended Cattleya's anime design with the various beautiful Light Novel artwork illustrations I found online. The main red outfit is made of two pieces - the jacket top and a wrap skirt. There is also a long sash. 

Fairly straight forward sewing job on all the pieces, which I made sure to line for extra durability. Then I covered a bra and embellished it, as well as put together the jewelry pieces. The boots were a lucky find, I really like how soft they are.

I already had a long black wig that worked well for Cattleya, and in fact can't remember where I got it from! Oh the joys of cosplay hoarding!

Thoughts on this costume:

This is one of my super comfy and easy cosplays that I like to take to cons. I wish more people watched Violet Evergarden and cosplayed from it (aside from Violet). I would love to do a group shoot with all the main charas one day!

As is, I'm really happy to have been able to do a great library photoshoot with Cattleya in Tokyo at Booty Studio, as well as a garden shoot with Malinda-chan as my Violet at the Missouri Botanical Gardedn. 

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