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Why I chose to make this costume:

This costume was put together for a photoshoot with Kevin Stewart of Black Eye Photography. The concept is a Cat Burglar, in full gear rappelling down in Bond film fashion to go after a priceless object. I used full rappelling gear with costume parts from my Blade 2 Vampire Ninja cosplay and got props like the gun, diamond and safe.

We shot the set outdoors first with the safe, to create the Bond-esque exotic environment of a glass enclosed garden.  Then we moved indoors for the diamond stealing sequence. We had a smoke machine and my gun actually has a laser that made red lines of light through the smoke. The closeups were shot through a ring light that Kevin cleverly used as a "keyhole".

It was harder than you'd imagine to hold a pose upside-down hanging by a rope lol.

How I made this costume:

Thoughts on this costume:

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