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Code Geass


Brian Boling, SAKS Photography, Paul Tien, MVPhotoArts
Why I chose to make this costume:

I grew up reading manga by CLAMP and have always been highly influenced by their style of design in my art. When CLAMP did the character designs for Code Geass, I had to watch the series. Even though the show did not click with me, C.C.'s beauty and melancholy did. She has many costumes in the show and illustrations, and this butterfly dress was my favorite. I know I'm not as waify skinny as C.C. but I wanted to make the costume anyway. I've always been very vocal about cosplaying whatever character you want, no matter what your body type is. Not only do I just talk about it, I do it myself all the time.

How I made this costume:

I made the templates for the butterflies and cut out trim by cutting up the actual CLAMP artwork and sizing it up on the computer to myself. My friends Jessie and Megan helped me trace out the templates to make patterns, and together we transferred all the patterns onto fabric with markers, which I already cut and sewed into the skirts. I'm very thankful for their help because I was on a deadline, and having 2 extra pairs of hands to draw out the pattern saved me hours of work.

Then we cut out all the trim and butterflies with a soldering tool, which took many days of breathing fumes and sore/burnt fingers. I thought, if a laser cutter uses heat to cut designs into fabric, why couldn't I use a soldering iron? I didn't have a laser cutter, so in a way the technique I tried out was a poor man's manual labor laser cutting LOL. Thankfully the technique worked well on the heavy satin I chose. I had to place a fan next to me after a while to blow the fumes away because the iron tip was cutting synthetic fibers. Not healthy for your brain to inhale.... You also need a good surface to cut on, such as metal or glass. I used an old cooking sheet!!
After aaaaalllll the trim was cut, I made the bodice, which is boned and lined in coutil. I made a big butterfly template and transferred it to satin, then to heat-n-bonded and ironed the satin butterfly to skintone fabric for the center of the bodice. I also made the sleeves, choker, shoulder straps and a red petticoat to wear over the hoop skirt for extra fluffy cupcake-ness! Lastly, I made the giant hair pieces, which was actually a lot of fun! I love beading and making intricate detailed stuff.

Thoughts on this costume:

Yay cupcake costume craving satisfied!!! So much girly-ness combined in this costume, I love it!!!

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