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DC Comics


Judith Stephens, Estrada Photography
Why I chose to make this costume:

I just love Ant Lucia's artwork, and he did such a great job designing this series for DC. I chose Zatanna because I have always wanted to cosplay her (I bought a vintage top hat years ago!), and this design is super cute and appropriate!

How I made this costume:

I changed the color scheme to black and silver instead of white, so the bottoms would look less "granny-panty" like O_O. I also found this amazing patterned metallic fabric in both black/silver and red/silver on (they rock!!) and it really evokes the glamorous retro look of this design. 
As you may know, 100% accuracy is not what I'm about when cosplaying. Instead, I want to bring the character to life, and translate the feel and look of the character into a costume. It's my way to pay homage to the character and artist, but making the costume fit me as a person. 
The corset is the most important part on this cosplay, so I took about 20 hours making it. It is steel boned, lined in coutil, and I used black velvet to make the trim (which was frustrating, to say the least). I made my own pattern for a mini top hat and made it out of 3mm craft foam, then covered it in the matching velvet. This made the hat lightweight, unlike the Worbla mini top hat I made for Moulin Rouge Snow White last year.
Everything on this costume was made from scratch by me, except for the vintage gloves and stockings/shoes. Styling the wig was the most difficult part of this costume, since it was my first time doing victory rolls!

Thoughts on this costume:

I got to be a part of two Bombshell groups!! So much fun to cosplay with my friends!!!

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