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Paul Tien
Why I chose to make this costume:

I really like the character of Felicia Hardy, a.k.a. Black Cat. She knows what she wants and goes for it! The look of the character is also stunning. I love silver/white hair! For Florida Supercon, where I was a guest, I wanted to have a new comic book costume to wear and Black Cat seemed like a good choice!

How I made this costume:

I debated for a while on what material to use and ended up settling for comfort, keeping my insane summer convention schedule in mind. So I went with wet-look spandex and created the bodysuit from scratch as well as sewed matching gloves and boot covers. The gloves and boots were patterned by me, and I made sure to have little claws on the hands. I also made the collar with the chrome tag since I wanted everything to be the same material for an overall streamlined look. I cut up fur and made strips, then sewed them to the bodysuit by hand, though I am not too happy with the look of it so that will change soon. The wig came from a China seller on Ebay, and the mask was bought off of a friend of mine. Lastly, I added a ring pull to the zipper I sewed on the bodysuit.

Thoughts on this costume:

Aside from the fur and wig being a little warm, I am super comfortable in this costume and could stay in it all day. The photos at Fanime were taken at night because I didn't have time to shoot during the day as I was working at my exhibitor booth. So Paul Tien and I did some indoor shots first, including some in a bed on a whim lol. They ended up turning out really cute for a "Waiting on Spider-man" theme. Because we didn't have good lighting outdoors, there aren't that many night shots yet, but I am hoping to get some more photos back from the con, and I definitely have another themed shoot planned for Black Cat soon.

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