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Ah! My Goddess

Photographer and Kyle Johnsen
Why I chose to make this costume:

I don't think anyone knew that I'd been wanting to cosplay Belldandy for years—but if you ever saw my (now defunct) art site, you'd have seen several artworks of her and my love for a beautiful character design. I am not into her personality really, but damn she is a well designed character.

How I made this costume:

I have always loved creator Kosuke Fujishima's beautiful illustrations of Bell with the floating bow with sashes, delicate wings and fishtail dress, so I decided to combine my favorite elements into one outfit. I chose light pink instead of white because I didn't want my dress to end up looking too much like a wedding gown, and Belldandy is known to wear pink .

The dress has hand-stitched pearls scattered all over the front, boning for support and laces in the back. White sheer layers accent the flare at its bottom as well as the shoulders, with a matching massive bow and draping sashes in the back.

I also made some jewelry for this costume, such as the necklace and some bracelets that I forgot to wear >_< at the con.
My friend Tristine Citrine made a wonderful pouch that attaches to the dress—thank you <3

To create Belldandy's signature hairstyle, I started off with a multi-toned wig and added an insane amount of hair extensions to it. To match the wig's beautiful streaks and colors, I chose about 4 differently colored extensions and blended them together, cutting and trimming here and there. I then sewed the various pieces into the wig, creating the long bangs and ponytail, finishing everything off with the sheer sashes and flowers.

As for the wings, I made them in a similar way as the "Midnight Wings" black pair, but sticking fairly closely to the signature AMG style angel wings (see reference.) I also needed these to be smaller, lighter and thus easier to transport. They fold together for transport and are fairly bouncy and adjustable, and the dress laces right over them.

Thoughts on this costume:

The whole ensemble made me feel very elegant and dainty, I guess dressing up as Bell brings out the maximum feminine side lol!

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