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League of Legends


Kamui Cosplay, Lexa One Photography
Why I chose to make this costume:

I resisted cosplaying this skin for exactly 3 days after it came out. And then I saw that she emanates pink and purple stars and hearts and started ordering fabric online immediately. This design.... too strong... must... put.. on... body....

How I made this costume:

Hat - I made a base with EVA foam and a layer of Worbla for stability, then patterned the hat components in 4 different fabrics and covered the hat. It's really sturdy!

Wig - Arda Wigs sponsored 2 base wigs, which I cut, dyed various colors with the Sharpie + alcohol method, sewed together, and restyled. MF's hair in this skin is a big reason why I was drawn to make this costume!

Headphones - made out of resin! I had help from Brian Boling with the molding/casting, thank you! They are mounted on a headband!

Orange vest and white top - patterned and made by me! I wanted the vest to be thick and quilted, so there is a layer of headliner foam in-between. Totally channeled Marty McFly for this. The top is made with white pleather. I thought the pleather could give the top an interesting texture.

Hot pink cincher - patterned and made by me! I was dying to use this glitter pleather for something! I made the piece longer than in the reference, because MF already shows a lot of cleavage and legs in this skin, and I wanted the midriff area to be a little more covered. Also, 3 gold buttons looked more dynamic in my mind than 2. Cincher is boned and lined in coutil.

Arms - I found a ribbed pink knit and doubled it up to make the arm warmers. I also made the hot pink wrist band. I bought bangles on eBay, and a cosplayer who I met at Fan Expo made the adorable star bracelet! It was so perfect for MF, I told her I would wear it with the costume!

Belt - made with reflective tape and white pleather! I cast a gold star from a candle mold I found, and stripped an old Gameboy so it would be lightweight.

Skirt - I made a graphic of the checkers pattern and sent it to fabricondemand! They printed one yard of the fabric and I made the skirt! It's lined and zips up on the side. I also made the belt loops.

Guns - I commissioned Junkers Cosplay Inc. to make the guns!! The paint job was a roller coaster, and the guns ended up being painted by FantasyNinja and Benni! My friends are so talented and wonderful ;_;

Boots - I got black wedge boots and re-painted them completely with Nu-Life shoe paint. I also made the straps!

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm so happy that I got to work with some of my closest friends on this ridiculously rainbow explosion colorful costume!!! We shot this photo inside the convention center for Montreal Comiccon this weekend and this hallway was perfect! That colored glass!


I definitely had way too much fun making this costume, from styling the wigs and building the hat and finally using the fuchsia glitter pleather I have wanted to for years!

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