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Ai Hoshino

Oshi no Ko


Why I chose to make this costume:

I watched Oshi no Ko in the summer of 2023 after multiple friends told me about it! It was as insane and tamazing as I had expected and I very quickly decided to bust out an Ai costume for my Sweden-Japan trip in July 2023! I already love cosplaying idol singers and this story pulled me in so damn quickly!

How I made this costume:

I crunched this costume in 2 - 3 days before my overseas trip, so I raided my own cosplay materials stash and only had to buy the pink fabric for the skirt and the base wig! 

I made the bodice with my Dual Fantasy Dupioni fabric from the Cosplay Fabrics collection, and a medium weight bridal satin I had.  I exxagrated the shape of the collar since this is a stage costume, and the dual tone fabric gave the bodice some extra fanciness. The skirt is 2 circle skirts with horsehair braid at the hem to make it extra fluffy!

I opted to use a waist cincher as well because I happened to have the perfect one made from hot pink upholstry vinyl! It's part of my Arcade Miss Fortune costume! I love reusing costume parts whenever I can!

The wig was crimped and trimmed by me, and I also made the little bunny hair piece hahaha.

My friend Tine Marie convinced me to tie tinsels into the wig for that extra sparkle and I'm so glad I did! 

Thoughts on this costume:

Ai Hoshino turned out to be one of the funnest cosplays of 2023!

These absolutely GORGEOUS photos were taken by @_casterclass at her stunning studio in Santiago, Chile, during a fever dream like late night photoshoot after a long convention day! @brian_b_boling and @ferpsf assisted and we had the most lovely evening together! There was no time limit and we could just play and try different things, eat snacks, flip hair, explore the environment… truly one of the most fun cosplay shoots I’ve ever done and precious memories made!

I will surely wear Ai a lot in the future and I hope to meet lots of other Oshi no Ko cosplayers on my travels! Please watch the anime or read the manga! 👀

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