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Ada Wong Kimono

Resident Evil 4


Brian Boling, FxDandy

Why I chose to make this costume:

Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game in the franchise and Leon x Ada are one of my OTPs 😤. I already cosplayed the RE4 Ada Wong but the costume was made so long ago and has been worn so much that it is coming apart at the seams.

This Ada Wong costume kimono is an official design in the Capcom’s Onimusha Soul mobile game and been on my to-make list for a long time. It still has many components from the original red dress design but is such a cute interpretatuion. I thought, instead of remaking the same red dress, why not make this version and put my embroidery machines to good use?

How I made this costume:

I chose a maroon suiting fabric with a slight stretch to it. I sewed the entire outfit and lined the sleeves and bodice. The skirt is one layer for better drape and to be less hot since I want to use this costume at summer cons. The hem around the wrap skirt is bliund-stitched by hand to have no visible stitch line on the outside.

The obi is also made by me and is constructed like a waist wincher, fully lined and boned.

I wanted to make embroidery appliqués for the flowers and butterflies and hired @sayakatcosplay to digitize the embroidery files for me to save time and to support another fellow cosplayer! 

I used two embroidery machines, the  @berninaschweiz 590 and @bernetteusa b79, to stitch out all the embroidery pieces, which numbered in the dozens in various sizes. 

By choosing to make the designs into appliqués, I was able to group multiple designs onto one hoop and stitch more pieces faster. I cut out each design with small scissors, fray-checked the edges, laid them on the costume however I liked and pinned them in place.

Then I used chalk to draw on the swirls and painted them with black fabric paint.

After the paint dried, I hand stitched each appliqué onto the dress components. This may have been a time consuming part, but I really like hand sewing and it's a nice way to decompress after a lond work day while watching a movie.

After the dress was finished, I made the leg accessories, purple sash and sleeve founce. I also styled and cut a new wig for Ada! The only part I reused from my old Ada costume was the black scarf! 

Shoutout to @thedangerousladies for the hook shot 3D printed kit and @brian_b_boling for putting it together/painting it for me!

Thoughts on this costume:

The stuio photos were taken at my warehouse where I built another Japanese set and we had a lot of fun switching between different props. The location photos in front of the light wall were taken at Katsucon 2023 with @fxdandy! Every time I shoot with him it is a perfect and lovely experience!! He is skilled, prepared, so considerate and kind - a true collaborator who wants to make you look your best. And does! I mean, look at how tall he made me look! ❤️

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