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Resident Evil 4


Brian Boling, LJinto
Why I chose to make this costume:

I decided to cosplay Ada at CJMC in Monterrey, Mexico, since I wanted to have a comfortable costume to wear to such a busy event. But mostly I made this because I am a big fan of Resident Evil and the characters Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong. 4 is my favorite of the RE games! Ada herself is a mysterious, graceful and strong character and she intrigued me from the moment she stepped on screen. To this day I love cosplaying Ada!

How I made this costume:

I pulled this costume together in couple of days! I created the red dress out of a matte satin, and the garment is partially lined (to the hips) and top-stitched. The designs were hand painted on and the outlines are embroidered to give it more texture and depth, and the dress laces up with eyelets in the back, based on the reference. For an extra refined look, after pounding in the eyelets, I hand bound all of them in burgundy thread. The gun is a modified airsoft handgun with laser, and the holster was modified and refitted to my leg. I found the shoes after trying on a million pumps that were all too big, and added the criss-cross straps. The wig was a bob cut wig ordered off eBay and then cut and styled by me and I made the scarf out of black chiffon.

Note - I also helped sew Brian's Leon costume. We chose the uniform for him because we thought the design was very nice, and parts of it can be re-used for Leon's regular outfit in the game. I altered the shirt from button down to zip up and made the padding as well as all the patches. I also cut and dyed the wig (it was platinum blond XD) for him. Actually the wig will need to be re-dyed darker because even though the color looks great in person, camera flashes go right through the dye layer!

Thoughts on this costume:

I really like wearing Ada and it's my go-to comfortable costume. The most fun I had was dressing up with Brian - he looked really great in his costume and had tons of fans at CJMC in Mexico bringing him Leon artwork to sign lol.

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