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Neon Genesis Evangelion


Martin Wong, BigWhiteBazooka, Paul Tien
Why I chose to make this costume:

I remember watching Neon Genesis Evangelion as a kid when the first release of good fansubs hit, many years ago. Of course it had a huge impact on me as an anime fan and artist. Over the years I have always wanted to make a plugsuit from EVA but my favorite character was Misato, whose outfits were simplistic and casual. FINALLY, someone designs a plugsuit-ish outfit for Misato, and it is very fan service and revealing. But it's probably the closest I'll ever get to seeing Misato in a plugsuit, and I decided to make the outfit. From the get-go, I wanted to make modesty alterations to the outfit, so my dress is longer and there are no floating boob cups, just flattering princess seams.

How I made this costume:

I used 4-way stretch PVC to make a base dress with front and side seams, then cut it up to create all the interesting top-stitched seams on the design, while interjecting navy blue faux leather panels. I patterned everything myself, which meant a lot of mock-ups in cheap leftover spandex and drawing lines on them. I also patterned and made the thigh highs and arm sleeve things, as well as the hip rolls and all the accessories. I even made my gloves. To achieve the shapes needed, I used everything from EVA foam in various thicknesses, Worbla, floral foam, and squishy tube foam. Everything was covered in PVC for that unified sleek plugsuit look. I also cast aluminum powdered buttons and round side pieces. Work in progress collage here. I love my fun futuristic booties, which were a lucky find online. My wig was sponsored by I cut about a foot off, and styled the bangs ala Misato.

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm so happy to have a plugsuit style costume! And I'm super grateful to the 4 fantastic photographers and videographers who came to the photo location with me at Fanime, which was a little further away from the convention. Lastly, big thank you to to Lionel for making an EVA cockpit and letting cosplayers take photos in it!!

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