Yaya will be at the following events!

2014 Upcoming Events

Otakon: Baltimore, MD - August 9th - 11th *Exhibitor at booth CC01* Join my FB Event for exact autograph and photo op times!!

Anime Revolution: Vancouver, Canada - August 22nd - 24th *Cosplay Guest* Meet me at table 209 inside the Dealer Hall!

Fan Expo: Toronto, Canada - August 28th and 29th ONLY!!! *Cosplay Guest* I will be at Fan Expo on Thursday and Friday only! Please take note, thank you!

Dragoncon: Atlanta, GA - August 30th - September 1st ONLY!! *Exhibitor at tables C14/C15 upstairs in the dealer hall*

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Atlanta, GA - September 26th - 28th *Cosplay Guest* + *Exhibitor*

New York Comic Con: Manhattan, NY - October 9th - 12th *INFO COMING SOON!*

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo: Los Angeles, CA - October 31st - November 2nd *Cosplay Guest* + *Exhibitor*

Brazil Comic Con: Sao Paulo, Brazil - November 15th - 16th *Cosplay Guest* 

More events will be added as they are confirmed, check back soon!
If you run a convention or festival and would like to invite Yaya to appear as a Guest/Judge/Speaker/Panelist/Performer at your event, please visit the Booking page!

Recently Appeared At

London Super Comic Con: London, UK - March 15th - 16th *invited Cosplay Guest

Megacon: Orlando, FL - March 21st - 23rd

Emerald City Comic Con: Seattle, WA - March 28th - 31st 

Middle East Film & Comic Con: Dubai - April 3rd - 5th *invited Guest*

Wondercon: Anaheim, CA - April 18th - 20th 

C2E2: Chicago, IL - April 25th - 27th *invited Guest* 

Otafest: Calgary, Canada - May 16th - 18th *invited Guest*

Fanime: San Jose, CA - May 23rd - 26th *exhibitor at booth #704*

A-kon: Dallas, TX - June 6th - 8th *invited Guest* + *exhibitor at booth 303*

Animecon: The Haag, Netherlands - June 13th - 15th *invited Guest*

DreamHack: Jönköping, Sweden - June 16th - 17th *invited Guest, judge of the Cosplay Championship*

Anime Expo: Los Angeles, CA - July 3rd - 6th *exhibitor at booth #920/922*

San Diego Comic Con: San Diego, CA - July 18th - 21st *attending professional*