Worbla's Finest Art (Tan Thermoplastic)

Almost anything is possible with this material for creative people. Detailed surfaces & masks, armor and ornaments, replicas of blades or gems, even costume jewelry, figurines as well as all kind of decorations are possible with Worbla.


You can paint Worbla's Finest Art with a variety of effect spray-paints and acrylics - spray, brush or airbrush on. Either use a plastic primer then paint directly on the surface, or it is recommended to seal surface first with gesso (or another compatible sealant), then plastic primer or another type of base coat, then paint.


Use hot air, water or steam (min 200°F) to bring this plastic to the shape you want to (heatgun recommended). The material can be heat-formed even after repeated cooling, it is safe to use and solvent-free. Unlike other heat-formable plastics, Worbla leftovers can be molded and shaped like clay, so there is almost no waste. Worbla hardens very fast and can be sanded. The extra glue coating on the shiny side makes it very easy to attach several layers by heating up the pieces, as well as attaching additional components. Start with a thin sheet then build up, or create sturdy pieces with multiple layers from the start.


The EXTRA LARGE sheets are twice the size of the LARGE sheets.

Worbla's Finest Art (Tan Thermoplastic)

  • Thermoplastic Shipping Restriction

    Currently, only shipping to US addresses is available, due to multiple customs incidences. We are looking for a better method to ship internationally. Orders for thermoplastic with shipping addresses outside the US will be canceled and refunded.

  • A message to UK customers:

    As of January 1st 2021, we are temporarily halting sales to the UK due to the new value added tax (VAT) requirements. We are investigating and considering the options and will update this message when we have found an adequate solution forward. Thank you so much for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

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