Worbla's Black Art (Thermoplastic)

Worbla’s Black Art thermoplastic has a smoother surface than traditional Worbla and is already pigmented black, saving time in the painting stage. It is available as a flat sheet, but can be used as modeling putty as well.



  • Can be reheated as often as you want in minutes (best approx. 175-195 °F/80-90 °C)
  • Material contains extra glue so several pieces stick together easily
  • Extremely fine structure & surface and pigmented black
  • Several minutes time to work the material, depending on the time of thermal action
  • Easy, clean and safe to handle, hence ideal for beginners
  • Contains no hazardous substances and is solvent-free
  • Excellent modeling features
  • Can be painted with acrylics, spray paints and others
  • All leftovers can be re-used

Worbla's Black Art (Thermoplastic)

  • Currently, only shipping to US addresses is available, due to multiple customs incidences. We are looking for a better method to ship internationally. Orders for thermoplastic with shipping addresses outside the US will be canceled and refunded.

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