Men's Long Coat Pattern by Yaya Han (Autographed)

This fitted men's long coat was designed by Yaya and is numbered M7374 for McCall's Cosplay Line!


M7374 features:

  • Fully lined fitted coat
  • Collar variations
  • Side Pockets
  • Side front and side back seams
  • Two-piece sleeves
  • Back Slit


Yaya noticed over the years that there has been a shortage of nice long coat patterns for men, so one of the first patterns she wanted to design for guys was this handsome, majestic, flowing coat. Whether you want to become Captain Mal from Firefly, Alucard from Hellsing, Twisted Fate from League of Legends, or Gambit from the X-Men, M7374 can easily be modified into a myriad of character cosplays. It's a staple in any male cosplayer's materials arsenal, and Yaya hopes that this pattern will help more gentlemen become the hero or villain of their choosing.


Pattern envelope is autographed by Yaya!

Please note that this is a paper sewing pattern and does not come with fabric. Thank you!

Men's Long Coat Pattern by Yaya Han (Autographed)

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