CHILD SIZE Premium 100% Cotton Face Mask, Washable, 2-Layered, Filter Pocket

Made by professional craftswomen using tightly-woven 100% cotton! Currently shipping twice weekly. Thank you for supporting a female-owned, US-based small business! 


We are now offering our double-layered face masks in CHILD SIZE. These masks feature 3 downward pleats, a pocket for inserting a filter, contrasting lining color and elastic ear loops. Each mask measures approximately 6.5 inches wide x 2.75 inches tall, expanding to 6.5 inches tall in use from nose bridge to under the chin. 


We sent differently sized masks to families with kids for testing and decided on this size as the most universal size. 

Recommended age range is 4 - 12. The models in our photos are ages 5 - 8. Teens older than 12 can wear our adult masks.


Note on elastic loops: We agonized for weeks on whether to use elastic loops or ribbon ties, but after speaking to our wonderful test families, we decided to offer our child size masks with 1/8” thin elastic loops, to better fit kids’ smaller ears. 


We believe elastic loops are a better option because many kids do not know how to tie bows yet and it would be very difficult for them to readjust a mask with ties every time they drink or eat. We also received feedback from kids who felt less restricted with ear loops than 2 sets of ties around their neck/head. 


Elastic loops, when adjusted to the right length, make masks easier to put on and take off. Therefore, our kids masks will arrive with loosely tied elastic straps and we ask you to please size the mask to your child and tie a knot at the correct length. Thank you!

(If your child would prefer ribbon ties after all, our masks are made with a built in channel so you can easily switch out the elastic for ribbons. Use a safety pin to feed a 30” long ribbon through each channel.) 


Ordering notes:
We are sewing every day (while quarantining) and work hard to ship your order within 2 - 4 business days. Elastic, lining and thread color may vary. We'll make sure everything matches well.
Print availability varies as we add new prints periodically!
***Pokémon print features random Gen 1 Pokémon
***If an option is sold out, we are making more before restocking so please check back tomorrow. Thank you. 

Your order will help us fund materials and carve out time to make face masks for healthcare workers. So far, we have donated over 300 masks to hospitals and will continue to do so as long as we can source materials and the need is prevalent.


Why use our masks? 
Besides being environmentally sustainable, a reusable cotton face mask is easier to wear and filters better than a bandanna/scarf/folded shirt. We use quilt-quality cotton which offers particle protection to you and those around you while still being breathable. If you can’t breathe well enough through a mask, you won’t wear it, and that defeats the purpose. We all should wear a mask every time we are in public, so comfort and quality are key.


Filter notes:
The inside layer opens up to accommodate a 3 inch x 4.5 inch filter. (Filter not included.)
   1-time use filter pattern:
   - Cut 1 of filter material - 3 inches x 4.5 inches
   - Curve the edges in at the sides, down to 2.5 inches 
   - Discard filter after each use
Please do your own research on filter materials.

CHILD SIZE Premium 100% Cotton Face Mask, Washable, 2-Layered, Filter Pocket

  • We hot prewash and dry to preshrink all fabric before sewing. We iron our masks using the hottest setting with steam throughout their construction to help keep them clean and pristine. For your safety, personal masks are worn while we are sewing, and your masks are never tried on by anyone before shipping to you.

    Please wash your mask prior to first wear.

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