2022 Yaya Han Calendar
  • Signed and optionally personalized by Yaya
  • Printed in limited quantities only


Welcome to the "Cosplay in Quarantine" edition of the Yaya Han calendar!

All the images within, spanning from January 2022 to December 2022, were created by Yaya and her partner Brian while social distancing! For almost every cosplay featured within, Yaya not only made the costume but also designed an elaborate photo set as an environment for the character to “live” in. Each image was modeled by Yaya and photographed by Brian within the past 12 months while normal travel, location accessibility and artistic collaborations were impossible. 

Don't miss out on this truly commemorative and collectible calendar. which is injected with a lot of passion, ingenuity and hope for a better, brighter 2022! 


Layout Design by David Terres

Cover photography by Brian Boling

2022 Yaya Han Calendar

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