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Upcoming cons!

We are back from Dragon Con and successfully ran our first vendor booth in almost two years! Thank you so much to everyone who came by and browsed our wares!

I was pleasantly surprised by the fantastic face mask compliance all weekend and our entire team has tested negative for Covid-19 this week following the event.

With a big con in the bag, I feel more confident in planning and attending more events this year, For now, I have two confirmed cons and a big contest to share with you!

Nishi Fest in Arlington, TX - October 30th 2021

I will be coming out to Texas for this awesome new one-day event celebrating anime and Asian pop culture! My friends are organizing this event so I know they will put cosplay front and center! They have already announced a slew of awesome cosplay and voice acting guests and I know they have some cool events planned for the day. The venue is stellar as well!

Hope those of you in the Dallas and Arlington area will come to check out Nishi Fest!

Holiday Matsuri in Orlando, FL - December 17th - 19th 2021

I'm so excited that Holiday Matsuri is inviting me back as a cosplay guest! It's one of my favorite conventions ever and I've always had a fantastic time there in the past.

Cosplay is one of the biggest reasons to attend HolMat and it seems like every person at the con is in a costume! The venue is gorgeous and the con is held right before Christmas so it is super festive and you always see tons of Christmas cosplays of various characters.

There are also three big cosplay contests at HolMat this year so if you like to compete, this is a great chance to get on stage and show your work!

I will be one of the judges for The Ultimate Cosplay Championship, a craftsmanship-focused cosplay contest that will have it's first stage walk at HolMat this year! Click here to learn how to enter and what prizes are offered!

I will also host the Winter Cosplay Crown, HolMat's annual cosplay contest! It has both a craftsmanship and performance entry aspect and you can apply here to join! This is a great contest if you have a performance idea or just want to show your cosplay on stage! The craftsmanship judging is well-organized and doesn't take up very much time, so it is welcoming to newcomers and veteran cosplayers alike.

If there are more confirmed events, I'll add them to the Events page, and if you'd like to see me at your local con, please let your organizers know to contact me through my Booking page.

See you on the con circuit!


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