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Umigomi Online Cosplay Contest!

This summer, I have the immense honor to be a judge for the Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award, an online cosplay contest with the mission to raise awareness about marine littering and climate change!

The Grand Prix Award is 200,000 yen (approx $1850.00 USD) in funds for activities

Invitation to come to Japan (Tokyo or Nagoya) to attend the 2022 World Cosplay Summit as Official Ambassadors of Cosplay de Umigomi Zero!

In case that wasn't clear, it's a FREE TRIP TO JAPAN and the 2022 WCS Finals!

Check out the cosplay contest entry guideline here!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get creative with your costume and video presentation and help raise awareness for an important issue that affects all of us globally.

The entry period is still open and this contest is international, so prepare your entry and submit it before the last date of August 22nd 2021!

I have the pleasure of judging with an amazing panel of judges and we all look forward to watching your entries and wish you the best of luck!

Here is my Judge comment for all contestants:

"Hello dear competitors! I am honored to be named a judge for the 2021 Umigomi Zero Award competition! I think we cosplayers have a great opportunity to inspire and influence others, because we put our heart and soul into the characters we become and we use a lot of ingenuity and out of the box thinking in our creative process. I am a big believer in reusing and recycling materials, ever since I started making costumes over 20 years ago. More than ever we must become more aware of how we use and dispose of these materials, and really tap into our cleverness when creating. I hope to see your creativity and your thoughtfulness in action for Umigomi Zero Award and wish you all the best with your cosplay projects!”

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