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Wonderous 2: The Yaya Han Saga


Brian Boling, Kevin Green
Why I chose to make this costume:

I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Lion Forge Comics to create a comic book series featuring my likeness! I feel so blessed to have been a part of this project, and got to help out a bit with the outline and development of the character, not to mention design and make the superhero costume!

How I made this costume:

After a lengthy discussion with the Lion  Forge team, we decided to design the superhero suit to be protective, functional, yet still feminine and glamorous. It had to be a costume that Yaya in the storyline could design and make. So after sending in sketches of the costume design, Lion Forge created the first illustrations of superhero Yaya, and I made the costume based on those! I found this incredible textured metallic purple upholstery pleather that became the center point of the costume. Everything on the suit is made from scratch, including the black undersuit and boot covers.

Thoughts on this costume:

It's a really interesting process to create a comic book character based on yourself! For me, it has been truly a dream come true to "become" a comic character after following so many of their stories all my life, and be able to make a costume and dress up as the character! The outfit itself is very comfortable, and I have had a fantastic time making appearances at the Lion Forge booth at various cons in 2014 and telling people about this comic book.

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