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Oscar Chang and Frameshot
Why I chose to make this costume:

I have since long been a great fan of Masamune Shirow's work and was suggested Kushinada as a project years ago. I had been too busy to think about it until I found some beautiful Asian fabric that just begged to be used. As Dragoncon approached, I thought it would be fun to kick out this costume to wear.

How I made this costume:

While inspired by the first reference picture (with the headpiece from another image,) I added details and changed elements to suit my whim. I made up most of the patterns for this costume. The underbust corset is adorned with trim and beading; the bustier, skirt and flaps lined and top-stitched. I sculpted the headpiece and crafted a plastic version of it through molding and casting. Hopefully soon I will find time to finish making all the jewelry, ribbons, etc.

Thoughts on this costume:

This costume makes me feel very elegant, and it's fun to play with my floating ribbons of doom ^_^

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