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Kyle Johnson
Why I chose to make this costume:

The character of Chii is simply irresistible. I find the innocent yet ecchi aspect of the series Chobits terribly amusing and have always loved Clamp's never-ending fashion designs for this manga. Because there are too many beautiful Chii outfits to choose from, I decided to make an original costume with my favorite elements.

How I made this costume:

When it came to the construction, I actually sort of just fell into this project. A week and a half before A-kon I decided to make Chii on a whim since I had most of the materials already and no costume to debut at the con yet. I've never made anything orange before and was inspired by the 4th volume cover of Chobits to try my hand at the color combination of white/orange/yellow. Finding suitable accessories in said colors was interesting and I ended up with a ton of different flowers, beads, ribbons etc. I love the corset for its sturdy cinching form and had a good time making the multi-layered skirt. I learned a lot about dynamics for this project, understanding that less can be more.

The wings were crafted and covered by my very talented friend M., and I decorated them with flowers, glitter and jewels.

A Thank You also to Brian for his help on the Persocom ears and hair beads. I sculpted them, then Brian made a mold and we created the pairs out of hard plastic.

Thoughts on this costume:

I am very happy with the outcome of this project and the fact that I have been able to utilize it during multiple events and shows. I finally retired it in 2006.

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