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Surreal Music Video


Meg Hanson
Why I chose to make this costume:

I have always really adored Ayu's sound/style and made a simple outfit from the single "You" for A-kon 2001. I was told by a good number of people how much we resembled each other and it motivated me to make a full-blown Ayu costume—and what better to make than the Surreal catsuit?

How I made this costume:

I chose a high quality leopard print velvet that shines and stretches nicely for the suit. It's not Ayu's exact print but I actually prefer mine. I created the bodysuit following a pattern, but combined the sleeves and gloves for a smooth cat-like look. The tail was made without a pattern. Meg pinned me into the suit and I took it in until it was nice and tight on me. The ears and claws were also made by me, and they are covered in tiny little white Austrian crystals and rhinestones. It took me long hours to completely add all the rhinestones. I covered a pair of boots in the leopard print velvet and bought a few rhinestone belts. The alluring red make-up and heart complete this outfit.

Thoughts on this costume:

I was very glad that I debuted mine for AX because it gave me the reason to karaoke "Surreal" at the contest as the 2000 Winner. It’s very comfortable to wear, but hard to put on.

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