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Why I chose to make this costume:

I've always wanted to go all out with an EGL/EGA outfit, and in the Fall of 2004 the chance to make one came along. I wanted something not traditionally EGA yet still respectful of the elements with a fantasy feel to it. The finished costume ended up looking like a Siren a la EGA-style.

How I made this costume:

I chose a black bridal satin and a beautiful embroidered purple fabric (intended for choir robes - hence all the crosses ^_~). Many layers of organza sheers and tulle were also used.

I spent countless hours sewing beads over the embroidery to really bring out the designs in the fabric. It was a task well worth it in the end. I used mainly glass black fire beads and other iridescent ones of many different shapes and sizes.

I drafted just about all of the patterns for this costume, all the while enjoying the artistic freedom it gave me. My favorite parts are the sleeves, but I find my little ear wings pretty nifty as well.

Thoughts on this costume:

Despite having worn this costume multiple times to events, it's always so fun and comfortable, never boring. I would however like to try a different wig with it in the future, and maybe do a photoshoot with black wings! I think it would complement the design!

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