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Nick Wolfe and Yaya Han


Yaya Han

I was recently painted up by Master Body Painter Nick Wolfe. We've been friends for years but never had the chance to collaborate before now. Nick suggested something Asian-inspired and I blurted out "Yakuza tattoo!" and the idea for this theme was born!

Nick did the painting in 4 and a half hours using Diamond FX paint. He looked up the kanji for "Dragon Queen" and painted them as well.

I did the face makeup and hair, inspired by traditional Japanese Geisha and modernized. I also bought traditional Japanese hair pins, and the over kimono was made by me, originally for my XXXHolic cosplay. I love being able to re-use costume parts haha.

  • Set of 3 Signed Prints - Yakuza Bodypaint


  • Signed Poster/Print - Yakuza Bodypaint


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