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Why I chose to make this costume:

I had been planning this outfit for a while now, having found yards of gorgeous patterned purple velvet. When I was asked to showcase my work at the Cyberotika 2004 Fashion Show, I knew this would be the perfect compliment to my Alice in Wonderland look-alike costume on the runway.

How I made this costume:

The tailcoat was an interesting project; it needed to fit the feminine form and still be somewhat traditional. It is fully lined, adorned with antique buttons, and clasps in the front—leaving the option to wear nothing underneath. I made a checkered corset to go with the ensemble and wore it to Megacon, but for Kevin's photoshoot, we thought it would be sexier to leave it out. (Everything including the shorts were made by me.) 

The accessories were easy enough to aquire—I "sugar-coated" the cane with purple glitter and added the top piece, made a neck tie, found a matching flower, and stitched a matching bow to the top hat (which was very difficult to find and I ended up ordering it.)

Thoughts on this costume:

I personally love this costume—I did one of my best sewing jobs on it, it looks super cute and sexy, and I've always wanted a top hat.

  • Fascinator Hats Pattern by Yaya Han (Autographed)


  • Tuxedo Jacket and Vest Pattern by Yaya Han (Autographed)


  • Women's Long Coat Pattern by Yaya Han (Autographed)


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