Scarlet Witch

Marvel's Scarlet Witch


Brian Boling, Elysiam Entertainment, Anna Fisher

Hair & Makeup

<p>Yaya Han</p>


<p>Yaya Han</p>

Why I chose to make this costume:

Why I chose to make this costume:

Marvel re-designed Wanda for her own comic book series! The ornate crown is what convinced me to cosplay this version. I also had the honor of partaking in the Marvel Cosplay Covers project for a second year in a row, and managed to finish Scarlet Witch and do a photoshoot in time.

How I made this costume:

The focus point of this costume is the bejeweled crown. First, I bent floral wire into shape, securing ends with thin jewelry wire. I used Apoxie Sculpt to give it more shape, and to reinforce the connector points. After spray painting the wire frame red, I wrapped red jewelry wire around various sections for added support, since I planned to glue heavier glass crystals onto the piece. Using fabric glue, I covered the entire structure with the red netting. Afterward, I glued crystals all over the headpiece with E6000 and a pin. Pick up some glue with the pin, then the gem, then set in place. Super easy to use.

The top is a weird off the shoulder bodice that shows a lot of decolletage, and has beautiful embroidery details. I chose perhaps not the most logical fabric for an embroidered bodice - the Ultrapreme rubberized spandex from my Cosplay Fabric Line. The red color was accurate, and I thought it had a cool, futuristic look for a stylish superhero. The fabric gave me some pause, because I would have to embroider it, and I wasn't sure how well my machine would repeatedly punch through flexible rubber! But the Bernina B580 really impressed me. It took the design I created on their Embroidery Studio and transfered it beautifully onto the Ultrapreme. 
After that nervewracking step, it was fairly easy to sew the bodice together.

The cape is made from red peachskin, which I grabbed at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It is a simple circle pattern, and I made sure to use french seams to seal the edges, and roll over the hem twice, and press it nicely. The clasp was a lucky find, which I painted red. 

Thoughts on this costume:

First of all, I'm so excited that Marvel brought back the Cosplay Covers! It's such a generous and cool gesture toward the cosplay community, from such a behemoth of a company. It's the ultimate thumbs up, to one of their most devoted fanbases. 
I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of the 2016 Cosplay Variant Cover Series again. My variant cover is for Scarlet Witch #10, which you can still find at comic book shops, if you're lucky. I adore Wanda as a character, and am thrilled that she got her own series! I feel so confident, whenever I cosplay Scarlet Witch, and my favorite part about this costume, besides the blinged out crown, has got to be the luxurious wig!

Watch a Making Of video for this costume!

My 2017 calender features this Scarlet Witch cosplay in Fabruary, and I will sign every order!

How I made this costume:
Thoughts on this costume:

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