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Ara Fernando, Yaya Han


Yaya Han

These lingerie images were shot with the Master of the Universe—Jay Tablante Photography—back in 2012, during my trip to the Philippines! 

I can't even handle these photos! Jay had a whole lighting team, and, I think, someone to just handle the hair fan hahaha! Ara Fernando kindly styled my hair, and it was the first time I got hair extensions! So glam!

  • Set of 3 Signed Posters/Prints - No Pants Glam


  • Signed Poster - Black Garters


  • Signed Poster/Print - Agent Provocateur


  • Signed Poster/Print - Fuchsia Flirtation


  • Signed Poster/Print - Lace Provocateur


  • Signed Poster/Print - Tip of the Hat


  • Signed Print - Black Garters


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